My experience as a teacher

I’ve been teaching since my senior year in high school (around 4 years) and even when I know it’s not a long amount time, it has given me a good perspective on all the factors involved in the teaching process. To summarize, teaching in my country is like a cycle, with very defining stages that go […]

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My country is weird. And specially my city. Gossip, other people’s lives, problems, and affairs are part of this cities nourishment. Provided by those who make the effort of fitting into stereotypes and molds in our concave society. If you meet the standards everything is great, but the part when you slip is where people […]

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There’s a big chance that I’ve been way too incognito with the next information that I’m about to release, and I would feel flattered if you didn’t notice by my few blog posts… But I’m not American. #sorrynotsorry But let’s be honest, you saw the title and even if you’re not from the US, you have thought about it in […]

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There’s nothing worse in this world than the feeling of being alone.  How frustrating any situation can be if we don’t have support from an external force. Because there’s only so much support you can give to yourself.  You feel tired of your problems, even if they’re not a big deal. And if they are, […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

I know it’s a little late to be talking about that, but nobody is reading this, and I want to talk about it, so might as well. This is my space and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. I’ve read the internet’s opinion on this topic and we can all conclude […]

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