A week with the Rousculps

  I’ve been in The Empire (AKA the United States of America) for about two weeks and a half now. And I know I should be talking about that first. But for reasons you will understand if you keep reading, this should go first. I only had three days in the beautiful state of Oregon […]

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Trying to get out of the hole.

As much as I’ve tried to organize my ideas and get to concrete points lately, it’s been impossible for me to put one whole thought together for the sake of this blog. It’s frustrating because I really want to keep putting stuff out there, but it hasn’t been easy. Every time I write, the garbage […]

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How my 2017 has gone so far.

I’m going to confess this secret now… I hold a certain grudge towards 2016… No offense towards the ones who’s 2016 was amazing, because mine was full of certain closures that I was looking forward to, and on the middle of the mess categorized as 2016, I got my college degree (with university expenses all covered […]

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My experience as a teacher

I’ve been teaching since my senior year in high school (around 4 years) and even when I know it’s not a long amount time, it has given me a good perspective on all the factors involved in the teaching process. To summarize, teaching in my country is like a cycle, with very defining stages that go […]

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My country is weird. And specially my city. Gossip, other people’s lives, problems, and affairs are part of this cities nourishment. Provided by those who make the effort of fitting into stereotypes and molds in our concave society. If you meet the standards everything is great, but the part when you slip is where people […]

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There’s a big chance that I’ve been way too incognito with the next information that I’m about to release, and I would feel flattered if you didn’t notice by my few blog posts… But I’m not American. #sorrynotsorry But let’s be honest, you saw the title and even if you’re not from the US, you have thought about it in […]

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