Curious creatures. Many different types, and a lot of them around in this world. Everywhere you go, you might find at least one, or one of its cousins that look very similar to them. No one in this world can say they have never seen an ant or been bitten by one, and if they say so, they’re simply lying. we’ve all had an ant driving us crazy, or even worst, a group of them.

Some ants are easy to deal with. Have you ever seen some of those ones that don’t bite? They’re just hanging around, walking at a regular pace. Not looking threatening to your dinner or anyone’s delicate skin. Eventually, we all learn how to deal with them, and if you’re nice enough, you don’t even try to kill them, you simply co-exist. Or worst case scenario, your good ol’ broom will brush them goodbye.

The other type of ant is the one we all hate and loathe; those smaller ones that always find a way to sneak in without you even noticing. They eat your food, get into your cabinets and into your bed. The way they walk around gives us the strangest cringe, there’s something disturbing about seeing them in packs, on top of each other, that give us the desire of burning our houses down to the ground and maybe around, just in case. You feel afraid to take a rag or any other utensil to get rid of them because you know they will eventually crawl on top of you without in the sneakiest way, no matter how careful you are. Their bites are uncomfortable in many ways, making us feel powerless because even if we kill the fucker, the damage is already done; the big swollen bite will stay there for days as an unfriendly reminder.

There are also other ones, not that common or heard about. Everyone’s biggest nightmares; a vicious beast that could smoothly belong to horror movies and lots of money in therapy sessions. I’m talking about those ones we see in National Geographic, fire ants that consume everything as they go without mercy or distinction; all they know it’s their own way, and it’s the only one that matters. You always think you’re safe from them in the comfort of your home, but you never know when can they attack, and if you don’t act quick, they can surely kill you, ripping you off in pieces and leaving your bones behind. Most of the time, you see these bad boys making a nest in a corner, and you simply evacuate the room and let them do what they want. You go back to a safe zone and start creating a plan in hopes to get rid of them in a successful way that won’t include your possible death.

But the worst situation of them all is when they come at you all at once, you don’t know how to deal with them or where to start. Usually, there are many small innocent ones, a few uncomfortable ones, and maybe two or three fire ants. Your mind spirals out of control: should I kill the big ones first? Or should I kill the ones of bigger amount? Or should I get rid of the ones that bother me the most? What should I do! You know they’re not close to you, but you feel them crawling in your skin. You feel weird tingles that feel for a second like they’re biting you, you twitch and flinch trying to find a way to ease it out with your hands, but deep down you know it’s more complicated than what it’s on the outside.

Kinda like problems right?



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