A week with the Rousculps


I’ve been in The Empire (AKA the United States of America) for about two weeks and a half now. And I know I should be talking about that first. But for reasons you will understand if you keep reading, this should go first.

I only had three days in the beautiful state of Oregon when I went to spend a full week in Washington state, in a very interesting place called the Yakima Valley. The drive there was astonishing, completely different from what I am used to, but just as beautiful. The drive started full of vegetation; gigantic trees and waterfalls, humid and cliffs in every corner. But the more we drove, the more the scenery changed. The trees were replaced with small bushes of all shades of green and gray, the waterfalls were now patches of snow, like Easter eggs along the road. Horses, windmills, a huge river, trains, the biggest dam I’ve ever seen and a very long bridge kept me saying “oh wow” the whole 3 hours of our trip.

And the trip wouldn’t’ve as cool without my designated driver (and the best manual car driver I know) Mrs. R.. She’s the live impersonation of “you don’t have to be a teenager to be young and full of energy”; a million-dollar smile that makes you smile, very expressive with her face and body language, heartwarming aura that gives you that need to be her friend and so much knowledge it gives me hope that I can still learn more, Bull’s Eye for things most people would ignore, and a heart so big it makes you feel like a bad person for no apparent reason. Gorgeous lady, inside and outside.

By the time we were in the Yakima valley/Yakima Nation I had learned so many things about the area, took so many pictures and seen so many things, I felt the best exhausted I’ve been since God knows when. I even passed out on the couch.

The thing I always fear with people like Mrs. R, so wonderful in such unique way, is that they would end up in a dead end in life, feeling miserable, or being diminished by another person who doesn’t even deserve them.

Thankfully this is not one of those cases.

Mr. J is an interesting man who totally looks better with a beard. Very driven to help anyone with any sort of information he thinks might be relevant, and I can’t stress this enough through a blog post. A great person to have a conversation with, no matter the topic. Calm and paused, always with that feeling of absolutely no rush and patience (which makes me think he must be an excellent teacher). Very great guide, I had the opportunity to see how he was an adviser (for lack of a better word) to a group study and the way he approaches the material makes you feel like you already know it, and how no matter your answer, its always welcome.

Both amazing people, great giving advice in their own way, very funny and full of jokes, down to earth and complementing each other in such a unique way. But the thing that intrigued me the most, and the one I never like to be in the middle of, is the relationship they have as a couple. Two words:

it works. They are much more than a couple, they’re a team. Oddly enough, they’re also the first people I know that live so passionate their faith, inside and outside, making every word part of their lives even in the most discrete ways. So much so it’s not just a simple belief, it’s a way of living.

I’ve always believed that communication is the key to a better world. And I was a witness of it. I might I’ve been in the middle of certain conversations, but the reality of life is that when you need to have those certain conversations it might not be in the right place, and as a couple you have to learn how to deal with it no matter where you are or who’s around. Being able to solve situations before they’re even problems and doing it acknowledging each other and their thoughts and feelings is what they do, which is something that challenges both parts to not only have an opinion, but an opinion worthwhile. Like we all know adults should even when we also know that’s not always the case.

The best thing of all (and also selfish) is that not even one second I felt like I was missing out. I feel I’m part of my own team too. And when the time comes I know this week is exactly what I can make my everyday look like.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. For making me feel so welcome in your home. I am more than happy I helped a little and that I got to share so much with you both, something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I met you.


2 thoughts on “A week with the Rousculps

  1. Awww! You are too kind, sweet Lissa. I laughed a bit remembering that you did witness one of our fights–which usually are few & far between.
    We were happy to have you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel very honored!! it was such a wonderful experience to be so close to you guys!! It’s very obvious that your connection and communication makes your lives much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for having me!


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