Trying to get out of the hole.

As much as I’ve tried to organize my ideas and get to concrete points lately, it’s been impossible for me to put one whole thought together for the sake of this blog.

It’s frustrating because I really want to keep putting stuff out there, but it hasn’t been easy. Every time I write, the garbage can looks more appealing than what ends up being written here.

So it’s not exactly a writer’s block, because I keep writing and doing stuff, but is just not good enough to my standards, and to not make myself cringe eternally, I would much more rather not post certain things. Also, I’m trying to get people to like and even maybe follow the page, not to get scared and disgusted and never come ever again.

That’s my situation right now. But every day that passes I remember that it would be healthier for me to keep these conversations with myself flowing in hopes to know myself a little better, something I’ve been lacking on for a very long time.

How could I possibly overcome this problem? What can I do to overcome this uncomfortable situation? Great questions but no answers…


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