Things I haven’t done but I hope I will.

  1. Having a console (PlayStation preferably)
  2. Read on a park
  3. Go to a spa
  4. Eat a pie
  5. Go to a library
  6. Go to a candy shop
  7. Get my nails done at a salon
  8. Go to a concert (Regina Spektor, White Lies, Fall Out Boy, Lindsey Stirling, MIKA, Owl City to name some)
  9. Spend a day alone with the gang: me, myself and I.
  10. Watch the leaves fall from trees in autumn
  11. Taste a pretzel
  12. Take a writing class/course
  13. Dye a piece of my hair purple
  14. Having comfortable furniture
  15. Sleep wherever I want in my house
  16. Go to a convention
  17. Go to a theater to see classical music or ballet
  18. Visit a therapist
  19. See snow
  20. Be a volunteer in a pet shelter

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