There’s a big chance that I’ve been way too incognito with the next information that I’m about to release, and I would feel flattered if you didn’t notice by my few blog posts…

But I’m not American. #sorrynotsorry

But let’s be honest, you saw the title and even if you’re not from the US, you have thought about it in some way.

The first time I’ve ever heard of Trump, it was late 2004, and my mother and I used to watch his show “The Apprentice”, which was at the time a fairly new concept on television in our country. Game shows and “reality” TV were very new, so we were intrigued by the way this shows worked.

I was, like any 10 years old, very impressionable, but even so, living in a dot in the middle of the world, needing so many things, I never even thought about being an apprentice of his.

And don’t get me wrong, I feel nothing but respect and curiosity for the man. A celebrity businessman that makes rants on TV, rallies, and Twitter, that talks casually about grabbing female genitalia, a supporter of some of the most controversial ideologies, and the one I love the most, PC culture rapist.

This man is the 45th president of The United States of America.

You need to give props to the man, he’s an absolute genius and admirable because, despite all of what we all know, he’s still the president. Fooling us is an easy task, but I’m impressed that Americans fell for that.

Later on, in 2009, I remember watching American Idol after finding some cool songs on YouTube from a singer called Adam Lambert. I watched the finale between him and another dude, and the words of one of the judges have never abandoned me. The judge looked at Mr. Lambert and said: (paraphrase)

“America is not ready for a black president and a gay winner of American Idol, and that’s why you won’t win” 

It was heartbreaking and wrong. But that’s how America thinks.

So when Mrs. Clinton came along, I kinda felt she was Adam Lambert.

I’m not mad or outraged, because it’s not my country, unfortunately, and because now its Mr. Trump’s country.

But as a citizen of the world, I’m just worried.

I’m worried because of its a fact of life that all it takes to see the other side of people and their real thoughts and feelings is the support of a bigger power. No matter how positive or negative those thoughts and opinions are, support brings out what’s within people.

So I’m afraid that all the Executive Orders against vulnerable countries, the rumors of other Orders against the LGBTQ+ community, all his speeches, his Tweets and comments that target negatively so many different groups of people would cause a greater negative reaction towards people.

I’m afraid to visit, I’m afraid of what could happen to me while I’m there, I’m afraid that something I do would trigger someone just because of the color of my skin, that someone would feel offended or disgusted by my ethnicity and where I come from.

It’s something always present in my mind.

However, everybody is different. Every head is a brand new world, and I will never hesitate on a chance to prove that. I’m afraid of many things, but I’m never afraid of proving my worth as an individual.

Not with my words, but with my example.

When I remember that, I’m not that afraid anymore.






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