New Year’s Resolutions

I know it’s a little late to be talking about that, but nobody is reading this, and I want to talk about it, so might as well.

This is my space and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

I’ve read the internet’s opinion on this topic and we can all conclude on one thing; everybody hates them, they’re stupid. But honestly, I kinda like them!

I started making NYRS like four years ago, and every single time I do it, they’re all done by the end of the year, or at least a 90%. There’s a certain magic about me writing things down that makes me feel more motivated… Do I need to say that I’m a list freak? So there was one December (I hate December) in which I stood alone in the house taking care of five gigantic babies and I felt that I wasn’t doing anything in my life, and keeping track every year sounded like a suitable idea.

So I started making lists.

The first one I have a physical record of was for
2015, and I can tell that not every single thing I wanted to achieve was accomplished because of a simple factor: It wasn’t realistic enough.

For years I’ve been meaning to improve my Japanese (I’m still trying) and that year I wrote it in my NYRS, but I had a very demanding job, and college, and home, and my personal hell to go through, so let’s just say I didn’t make that much progress in that area. But on the next two years, I’ve managed to set more realistic goals for the upcoming year, and without fail, I’ve managed to achieve them all.

And maybe you think this is the time when I give an advice on NYRS, and I tell you to believe in yourself and all you have to do is to follow my trick!

But nah, I pass.

What I can tell you is that no matter how you do it, it always work for me to have things clear, and as I’m always so busy and trying to do so much stuff and taking care of everything and everyone, I prefer to keep it in a written form. It happens to me that when I’m down and feeling like a failure, I read it and it gives me perspective, I don’t freak out, and if I’m lost, my words and plans bring me back on track

Does it make sense?

Well, if it doesn’t just find something that works for you. God bless Pinterest and all the boards filled with ideas and all the topics I can think of. I guess you could find something too.


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