Dear anonymous, And now when you're not here, out of reach, I need you. I need a hug. I need cuddles. I need a shoulder to feel better. I need your support. I just need another body, to feel I am not alone in this world. But I’m alone. It’s just me, and no one […]

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Practicing self love

Its amazing to me how something wasn’t in your life before can become such an important part of it. Or such a recurrent problem. To me, this is what relationships have been over the last year. It’s hard to write about it, because they’re way too many feelings and bittersweet memories involved. I want to […]

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A table

This has been a very interesting part of my life. When you’re in the middle of the dark, when you’re dawning, when life slowly slices your throat and you’re painfully running out of air, you feel your life it’s over. You have that sensation that nothing is going to be better, you can’t even remember […]

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The right thing to do.

That’s a phrase that has been haunting me for a while now. What exactly is the right thing to do? I think I have mentioned this before; I crave nervously for other people’s opinions when I have a problem I don’t know what to do about. Most of the times I have problems I feel […]

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Yes, I know…

I know I’ve neglected this blog. But this couple of months have felt like two years and seventeen months. In other words, like a lot. I’ve had to do way too many things and many different situations have been on my table. Even some I never thought I would be in. Thankfully today I have […]

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Curious creatures. Many different types, and a lot of them around in this world. Everywhere you go, you might find at least one, or one of its cousins that look very similar to them. No one in this world can say they have never seen an ant or been bitten by one, and if they […]

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On writing

I’ve always wondered (especially after finishing writing something) why my writing it’s always so dark and disturbing. I’ve tried being more romantic, and I think I did a decent job, but it’s not my thing and it doesn’t come to me naturally very often. Yesterday, I was having a session of Late Night Thoughts and I […]

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